Role auditions for the opera studio L’OLIMPIADE

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The association “Concetto Armonico”, which organizes the International Opera Festival “Vicenza in Lirica” 2020, 8th edition, open the role auditions to participate at the OPERA STUDIO: Specialized Course and Debut in the opera “L’Olimpide” by A Vivaldi, new critical edition. The course will be held in Vicenza from 20 August to 5 September 2020. The opera will be on stage on 6 and 8 September 2020 at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.

Art. 1: registration to the audition

The candidate to the auditions must complete the registration form attached to this regulation, complete of:

  • a SHORT curriculum vitae;
  • a recent high definition photo;
  • a copy of the payment of the registration fee;
  • a copy of a valid identity document.

The documents must be sent by e-mail to: The enrollment deadline is on March 22, 2020. All required documents must be sent for the enrollment in order not to be excluded to audition. The artistic direction of the festival will inform candidates about scheduled date and time for the audition and the time of the rehearsal. The audition will be accompained by harpsichord.

Art. 2: audition schedule

Candidates must attend the audition on 6 and 7 April 2020 at Chiesa di San Rocco in Contrà Mure San Rocco 28, Vicenza . Candidates must present ALL THE ARIAS INCLUDING RECITATIVE for the role(s) he/she applies to. In addition, he/she must present an aria including a recitative, from an opera written in Italian before 1750. The audition will be performed with accompaniment by harpsichord, 415 hz tuning fork. The examining commission reserves the right to listen to what it deems necessary.

Art. 3: commission

The selection board for the audition is composed by

  • Sara Mingardo, alto.
  • Francesco Erle, opera concertation and direction.
  • Andrea Castello, artistic director of the Opera Festival Vicenza in Lirica.

Art. 4: audition costs

Candidates must pay the registration fee of € 25.00 (twenty five / 00 Euros) by bank transfer. This fee will make the candidate Concetto Armonico’s Socio Simpatizzante Member that will be valid for one year. Becoming as Concetto Armonico’s Socio Simpatizzante Member, the artist will be able to receive special discounts and promotions for operas and concerts organized by the asociation. Those who are already Concetto Armonico’s Socio Simpatizzante Member before 7 April 2020 will not have to pay any fees.

The bank transfer will be done to:

BCC CENTROVENETO, Filiale di Vicenza
IBAN: IT60 O085 9011 8000 0008 1026 140
Transfer: enrollment to audition of NAME SURNAME

Bank costs are to candidate charge. The fee will not be refunded. Any audition cost will not be refunded.

Art. 5: performance

The artists chosen for the opera performance of L’Olimpiade by A Vivaldi will participate to the specialization and debut course in the opera which will be held from 20 August to 5 September 2020, according to the calendar that will be provided by the artistic direction and specified when the contract will be submitted, as well as to participate in the execution of the work on 6 and 8 September 2020 at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. Artists will receive a remuneration – scholarship – plus travel expenses (travel will be arranged by the organization). The accommodation will be provided by the artistic direction of the festival Participation to the OPERA STUDIO is FREE. Candidate who will not be chosen for the OPERA STUDIO will have the opportunity to participate to the masterclasses of the Opera Festival Vicenza in Lirica at the Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari or in a subsequent masterclass organized by the Concetto Armonico during 2020, benefiting of a 20% discount on the course fee.

Art. 6: the jury’s decisions are final. Legal proceedings are excluded.

Candidates chosen must present themselves to the course knowing the role

Art.7: audio and film recordings

By registering, the candidate who will take part in the opera L’Olimpiade by A Vivaldi organized by tthe association Concetto Armonico during Vicenza in Lirica Opera Festival, gives his consent to the filming and radio and television broadcasts, on audio and video tapes made in the scope of tests and performances, performed by the organizer himself or by persons or institutions in charge. In particular, the participant transfers all image, sound and video rights to the organization for any use in relation to the event. The organization reserves the right to use images, audio and video recordings for promotion in relation to this event or future events or to publish sound and video recordings for demonstration and promotional purposes.

Art.8: contract

Following the contract for one of the roles of the opera L’Olimpiade, no type of agreement will be made with any AGENTS, SECRETARIES OR OTHER INTERMEDIARIES, but only with the chosen singer.


For the audition the candidates will prepare the role on the available scores. Subsequently, winner will receive the new critical edition of the opera L’Olipiade by Vivaldi. Signing the regulation and enrolment form, the participant accepts the conditions listed. The Italian version of the audition regulation is the only valid.

First selection: all aria and recitativo of L’OLIMPIADE by VIVALDI

Clistene, baritono or tenore
Aristea, contralto
Argene, mezzosoprano
Megacle, soprano or sopranista
Licida, contralto
Aminta, soprano or sopranista
Alcandro, basso

Second selection: recitativo and aria of an opera written in Italian before 1750